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Basketball Goals

Goalrilla Basketball Goals

What it takes to be a Goalrilla:


  1. Plays like an arena system (uncompromised strength and consistent rebound)
  2. Withstands the elements (resistant to rust and corrosion)
  3. System can be relocated to a new home


What sets Goalrilla apart from other goal systems?

1. Tempered glass backboard


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Full-perimeter all-steel support frame provides maximum rim support
  • Radius edge aluminum frame protects glass backboard


2. One-piece steel pole


  • Uncompromised strength
  • Welded gussets maximize stability and eliminate pole flex at base


3. Welded, wide-span board arms


  • Mitered and welded for superior strength
  • Increased support to backboard


4. Pre-assembled pro-style flex rim


  • UV and corrosion resistant
  • Net included


5. Du Pont powder coated


  • Ultimate UV & corrosion resistance
  • Dacromet coated hardware
  • Superior corrosion protection


6. All-steel, precise height adjustment


  • Easily adjusts goal height from 7 1/2ft to 10ft
7. Rock-solid, anchor bolt mounting system



  • Allows for easy leveling
  • If you move to a new home, your system can move with you
  • Includes rebar steel rods to strengthen concrete